STEP Oil & Gas establishes partnership with Petrohab™

8 Nov 17

Main supplier of piping systems to key FPSO Operators in Brazil now provides superior modular Hot-work Safety Enclosures (HSE) and services
Following the successful demonstration of its habitat solutions, Petrohab LLC now has a local subsidiary, named Petrohab™ Oil & Gas Serviços, Ltd., with whom STEP Oil & Gas is happy to announce a partnership. This partnership allows STEP Oil & Gas to provide superior modular Hot-Work Safety Enclosures (HSE) and services on any ongoing and future operations.

Petrohab’s unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and service, its efforts to consistently exceed customers’ HSE needs and its approach towards rigorous training standards are aligned with the best practices and personnel policies of STEP Oil & Gas.

“This partnership will further enable STEP Oil & Gas teams to deliver high quality service, minimizing risks and ensuring proper delivery in accordance to our clients’ needs and expectations”, said Luís Duarte, Operations’ Director at STEP Oil & Gas.

The pressurized welding isolation chamber, often referred to as a habitat or Hot-Work Safety Enclosure (“HSE”), is used to manage and control risks associated with performing Hot-Work operations in potentially hazardous areas, often required during Step Oil & Gas offshore tasks.

About STEP Oil & Gas:

STEP Oil & Gas is the main supplier of piping systems and steel structures to key FPSO Operators in Brazil, both onshore and offshore, and aims to be the "one stop shop" for clients, providing them with turnkey projects and maintaining the high-quality standards whilst delivering in the shortest period of time.
STEP Oil & Gas has been delivering safe, efficient and cost effective solutions for global and local clients, thereby achieving a long term, mutually benefiting customer-client relationship.

For more information, please visit or contact our Marketing & Communication team on or +55 22 99917 5158.