Our team

STEP Oil & Gas promotes diversity and multicultural working environment for experience & cultural exchange. Therefore its team is formed by skilled professionals from Brazil, India, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa and Ukraine.


At STEP Oil & Gas we like to think we help improve the quality of life of our employees.

We are looking for exceptional people to do exceptional things and to contribute to keep our processes and services at the highest standards.

We are regularly making available new opportunities to work with us so if you would like to join our team, please send us your CV, for future consideration, to oportunidades@step-og.com.

Social responsibility

Environmental efforts: One of our primary focuses of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses regardless of size have a large carbon footprint. Any steps we can take to reduce those footprints are considered both good for STEP Oil & Gas and society as a whole.

Philanthropy: STEP Oil & Gas also practices social responsibility by donating to local charities. We make the best of our resources in order to benefit charities and local community programs.

Ethical labor practices: By treating employees fairly and ethically, STEP Oil & Gas also demonstrates our corporate social responsibility. This is especially important for us since we operate on an international level with labor laws that differ from country to country.

STEP Oil & Gas is at the vanguard of the promotion of CSR initiatives as we attach greater importance to the social and economic impact of our activities. Since the beginning of operations, we have implemented a greater level of engagement with our local communities ensuring corporate codes of conduct and social reporting, as well as the adoption of several key international CSR initiatives such as the Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Hand in hand with major oil companies we have become advocates in the quest for renewable energy, and have accelerated efforts towards combating carbon dioxide emissions as part of our commitment to reducing the problem of global warming. Furthermore, a significant aspect of our CSR programme focus on initiating, funding, and implementing community development schemes meant to contribute towards an improved relationship with our host communities, as well as to demonstrate that STEP Oil & Gas is not oblivious of, or indifferent to the challenges and problems faced by the community.

About our company

We are focused on providing high calibre personnel for operations, repair and maintenance in any metal-associated, engineering projects within the global market. Our aim is to deliver safe, efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients, thereby achieving a long term, mutually benefiting customer-client relationship.

In today's increasingly complex, highly specialized and global economy, compliance with established practices play a vital role in our competitiveness and strength. Providing the correct credentials of our artisans to our customers is very important to us as this shows that they have the relevant skills, understanding, constant training and updating of modern technologies so as to respond to market changes and the increasing demands of our customers. Our welders are all certified in various disciplines and positions and are reassessed every 6 months. Our specialized offshore workforce has acquired all the necessary training and documentation to carry out the job in a safe and efficient manner. Our Quality Management supervises and inspects this.

STEP Oil & Gas aims to be the "one stop shop" for clients providing turnkey projects, maintaining the high-quality standards whilst delivering in the shortest period of time.